Let’s take a minute to appreciate Ezra Miller’s ripped new superhero body.

Oh, and did I mention that Miller is super effing ripped and ready for the job?

Miller cameos as the Scarlet Speedster in the new superhero flick, and is set to reprise the role in 2017’s The Justice League: Part One, which begins production in April, and his own solo film, The Flash, which is set for release in 2018.

So his new superhero physique isn’t a total surprise.

Initially, not every fan was keen on the casting of Miller as Barry Allen, especially with charmer Grant Gustin lighting up the silver screen as the speedster in the CW’s critically acclaimed Flash TV series.

For many DC Comics fans the argument was that Miller simply didn’t look the part of Barry Allen – that he was far too scrawny and “Indie” to play the Justice Leaguer.

It looks like Miller has been hitting the squat rack extra hard these past few months, because we’re pretty sure his pants are going to rip out due to the sheer size of his quads.

Ezra Miller