SALT LAKE CITY – You’ve probably heard as much as you want to about Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump but do you know – Evan McMullin?

Utah’s six electoral votes were considered safe for Donald Trump until McMullin, a conservative former CIA operative and a Mormon, jumped into the race as a third-party candidate.

“She’s willing to sacrifice our national security secrets and information. Donald Trump on the other hand, I think is somebody who is willing to divide our country – race against race, religion against religion, and he does pose a true danger to our country.”

McMullin is on the ballot in just 11 states, but winning Utah could block Trump’s narrow path to the White House.

If the race is so close that neither Clinton nor Trump get 270 electoral votes, the House of Representatives picks the next president.

The race took a nasty turn when a prominent Trump supporter sent out a robocall attacking McMullin, which the Trump campaign has condemned.

Is McMullins’s support strong enough to upset Trump? Only Election Day will tell.

Evan McMullin