Television broadcaster Erin Andrews testified this week that her former employer, sports giant ESPN, forced her to give a national television interview about secretly recorded nude videos before she could return to work.

Julie DiCaro, an anchor for Chicago sports radio station 670 The Score and a writer for Sports Illustrated, said she was “Fairly livid” that ESPN would require such an interview.

“It’s hard to imagine a situation in which a woman could be more blameless, and yet it appears ESPN still viewed the situation as one that required some sort of discipline or punishment of Erin, the victim,” DiCaro told The Tennessean.

Rews testified on Monday, the fifth day of her trial, that ESPN told her after the nude videos went viral that to continue covering college football she had to do a sit-down interview.

Rews said she chose to do the interview with Oprah Winfrey because Winfrey is a crime victim.

She said how ESPN treated Andrews showed the network cared more about Andrews embarrassing the company than protecting her safety.

Erin Andrews