If you’re Emily Blunt, and you’re going to attend the premiere of your movie, The Girl on the Train, what do you wear?

Emily Train brought her elegant train to ‘The Girl on the Train’ premiere at the Regal E-Walk Theater on Tuesday.

That’s Blunt’s pick, too, at least when the premiere is not on actual train tracks, like it was in London.

So at the New York premiere of Blunt’s drama Tuesday night, the actress who plays depressed alcoholic Rachel, shined in an elegant green dress with a train that coordinated with her husband John Krasinski’s blue suit and green tie.

Meanwhile Edgar Ramirez opted for a slightly more-colorful suit.

She plays Megan in the movie, a woman who Rachel watches from the train.

Haley Bennett’s character is married to Luke Evans’ Scott in ‘Girl on the Train.

Laura Prepon, escorted by Ben Foster, rocked a sheer green number on the carpet.

Emily Blunt