New track “The Anti Universe offers a first look at Vega: the first part and presents Emika’s return to techno and etal vocals reminiscent of his third album “Three”. Music Crowns is the world’s leading platform for music artist discovery and the premier destination for the world’s best unsigned, independent and endorsed music artists. Emika is celebrating the anniversary of her first album with a new work called “Vega,” which will be released later this year as a three-song trilogy. I’ve always been able to find a way to overcome these challenges, to listen to my heart and push myself to make a song as great as possible, and at the same time believe in my ability to sell it. Of the milestones in her career, Emika says, “The challenges every career artist faces are constant but simple. MAGUIRE just released a great new song,Melt,’ the third track ofhis’ next EP, Fantaisies. Doubt itself can ruin any artistic vision, and the universal illusion that something is good because it gets big. What does your music inspire? Pain, love, hate. Antiverse will be released Feb. 19 on all platforms. Muru was born in Zimbabwe, but moved to Southampton at age 6.

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