Thirteen years after being rescued from captivity, Elizabeth Smart opened up about how her childhood abductor Brian David Mitchell’s addiction to pornography made her “Living hell worse.”

“He would just sit and look at it and stare at it, and he would just talk about these women, and then when he was done, he would turn and look at me, and he would be like, ‘Now we’re going to do this,'” Smart, now 28, recalled in a new video shared by Fight the New Drug, an anti-porn non-profit group, on Friday, August 19.

“Looking at pornography wasn’t enough for him. Having sex with his wife after looking at pornography wasn’t enough for him,” she continued.

Smart was kidnapped from her Salt Lake City home in 2002 when she was 14 years old.

During that time, Mitchell raped Smart multiple times a day and often threatened to kill her if she tried to escape.

“It just led to him raping me more, more than he already did – which was a lot,” Smart explained.

Now, Smart works as a contributor for ABC News and continues to advocate for child sexual abuse prevention.

Elizabeth Smart