Based on his stage name, “You Know 88” is a new song by American rapper Eighty8dread. Inspired by Scarface and Nino Brown, “You Know 88” introduces the new rapper with a fast-paced piano and trap vibe. Atlanta-based performer Eighty8 Dread releases his new track YOU KNOW 88, produced by Swedish producer Prod. “You Know 88” is his second album and follows the success of his debut album, FOODSTAMPS, released earlier this year. After serving time in prison, Eighty8dread used music to change his life and moved to Atlanta to pursue his musical dreams. Noel, “You Know 88” was an international project since the producer lives in Sweden. There is no doubt about what Eighty8dread is trying to accomplish with his second release, and this release has us eagerly waiting to see what comes next. Born in 1988, rapper Eighty8dread is originally from Atlanta, which is where his name comes from. Produced by 17-year-old producer Prod. By continuing to use this site, you consent to its use. Prod. ← Mr. Williamz ft.

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