Little Torment release “their” mixtape “Lonely Road” with the popular singles “Flowers”, “Big Energy“, “Purple Haze” and the latest release “Heart Froze”. It’s impossible to talk about Lonely Road without mentioning “their” honesty, integrity and work ethic, which are well documented by “their” lyrics and “their” extensive catalog of legendary releases and mixtapes. The Lonely Road outlines a brutal world through a mix of poignant lyrics, compelling stories and stunning visuals. “This record is meant to remind me of the sacrifices and attempts to get t and all the reasons why I can’t give up.” Stream of Torment is confident, and he is both attentive and relentless in his approach, dealing with recurring themes of fear, imprisonment, drugs and loss. He is one of the safest artists on the British scene and his signature style means that he is only on his own path with “himself” as his greatest competitor. Through his music, he is not afraid to bridge the gap between “Scarface’s” fantasy and his everyday reality and the reality of many others. “I don’t like to talk about what it would have been like if I hadn’t won the case and w I might have been,” he says. “They locked you up and made you lose your boy.” By continuing to use this site, you consent to its use.

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