Congratulations are in order for DJ Khaled and his fiancée, Nicole Tuck, who just gave birth to the couple’s first son while surrounded by family and friends.

The producer, known for his lengthy and inspiring Snapchat stories, documented the entire process on the social media app.

From the moment Tuck’s water broke to the moment you hear their son cry, Khaled captured it all for his followers to see.

Oh, and he made sure to play his own music notably “For Free” and “I Got the Keys” while his fiancée was literally pushing out their baby boy.

Khaled also posted photos of the night on Instagram, telling followers, “I have to be honest I’m so excited and my nerves on another level smh.”

Once his son was born, Khaled cried tears of joy and made sure to hug his fiancée’s doctor.

He also thanked God for his new bundle of joy, writing, “God is the greatest!!!!” over a short video of himself looking at his newborn.

To maintain just a little bit of privacy, Khaled opted not to show followers his baby.

DJ Khaled