Photo On Sunday, colorization is coming to one of television’s great comedies, “The Dick Van Dyke Show,” and perhaps grousing will be heard in some quarters from holdouts who still object to mucking with black-and-white classics.

I’ve seen these episodes many times before, but the color – at least based on the excerpts I’ve seen – wakes them up.

“That’s My Boy??,” the Season 3 premiere in September 1963, is a tour de force for Mr. Van Dyke, whose Rob Petrie character relates a story about the time he convinced himself that he and Laura – Mary Tyler Moore’s character – had brought the wrong baby home from the hospital.

Stanton Rutledge, who oversaw the colorization for the “Dick Van Dyke” episodes, said digital tools and other improvements have made a big difference in quality and thus in acceptance.

For this project, he said he began by listening for any color references in the dialogue – when Alan mocked Rob’s striped tie in the toupee episode, did he mention a color? He then developed concepts for the various scenes – that quiz show is loud; Alan’s office, subdued – and then ran them by the ultimate authorities, Mr. Reiner and Mr. Van Dyke.”When I’d send them color stills of the design I was working on, they were like, ‘Yes; that’s exactly what it looked like,'” he said.

Then a team of artists would apply those color schemes to high-definition versions of the source film.

Mr. Reiner said it actually became possible for “The Dick Van Dyke Show” to switch to color during its five-season run, but he stuck with black and white for that most basic of reasons.

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