According to ABC News, Watson is being sued by a photographer named Aaron M. Sprescher, who accuses the quarterback of using his photos without permission. According to Sprescher in legal documents, Watson repeatedly used Sprescher’s photos. Sprescher usually sends his photos to AP, and, as Sprescher says, he doesn’t believe that Watson has received the necessary permission. Dashon Watson will use his unlicensed photos, and now the photographer applies to court. At present Dashon Watson is in the middle of the season with Houston Texans, w the team tries to prove, that skeptics are wrong because of their slow start. The photos were used mainly for “Watson’s Instagram”, w the images were accumulated for hundreds of thousands of people with the same interests. However, it seems that now Watson faces a lawsuit outside the field. Up to now Mr. Sprescher hasn’t indicated how much money he wants to earn at the court proceedings. “As it happened repeatedly, he finally felt that he had no other choice but to keep our firm to help him solve this case”, – said Mr. Spretcher’s attorney. “We’re sorry it got to this point, but we hope the case can be resolved quickly and amicably, as Mr. Sprescher will keep you informed and we will keep you informed of the story. Tell me about the new hot hip-hop.

Deshaun Watson Sued Watson