Marvel’s new superhero movie Deadpool stars Ryan Reynolds, a fact that, up to now, would likely not have been considered much of a selling point.

So it’s sort of a relief to be able to report that Reynolds is finally coming into his own in Deadpool, which has the singular virtue of being funnier than we’ve been led to believe a superhero film can be.

Marvel has perfected the superhero screenplay for the PG-13 crowd.

“She’s gonna do a superhero landing, wait for it,” Deadpool says, grinning, as an opponent leaps from on high into a crouch.

Oh, I should’ve mentioned, t are a couple of X-persons , too – Deadpool’s buddy Colossus, who gets his chromed head handed to him, and a youngster who fully lives up to her name: Negasonic Teenage Warhead. Miller, who is directing his very first feature , after mostly serving up visual effects and animated credit sequences elsew, seems to be having plenty of fun mixing the clatter with patter and splatter as his writers keep the self-referential Hollywood references coming – to Reynolds’ “Sexiest Man Alive” People magazine cover, to Liam Neeson’s Taken movies, to how a buxom Bernadette Peters fueled the 14-year-old Wade Wilson’s fantasies.

All of which is designed to make Deadpool appeal to the cynical, rebellious 14-year-old in everyone.