Either way, who can complain about new Deadpool 2 footage? The Heat Vision team of Graeme McMillan, Ryan Parker and Aaron Couch take a closer look.

Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza even dropped a line to share his two cents as well.

Rather than just flash a few short glimpses in a tiny preview, which any other movie would have done in this case, Ryan and crew give us something completely out of left field.

The majority of this teaser just left me thinking, “Oh, I guess Bob Ross did a bunch of innuendos. Or maybe he was super straitlaced, so that’s why t’s the innuendos? I don’t get this.” It felt like a Saturday Night Live bit, for the most part, which I guess is what people want?

Aaron Couch: Speaking of this film’s brilliant marketing, it took it to a whole new level of meta today when Fox began referring to the film not as Deadpool 2, but rather as “Untitled Deadpool Sequel.” It’s sort of like how we had to wait months for the “Untitled Han Solo” movie to be titled Solo: A Star Wars Story.

Maybe I’m wrong and it really is going to change it’s title from Deadpool 2.

A lot of the fun of a Deadpool movie is how the marketing campaign is almost as good as the finished product itself.

Nicieza: The reason I’ve loved Ryan, Paul [Wernick] and Rhett Reese]’s Deadpool is that it always sounds like what IS AND ALWAYS HAS BEEN IN MY TWISTED BRAIN and for which I’ve occasionally been paid to expunge.

Deadpool 2