Over a dozen of Spain’s most popular indie-rock artists will perform a set list of 21 David Bowie covers at two tribute concerts that will also count on a band anchored by several Bowie collaborators.

Among those musicians and producers who collaborated with Bowie in his lifetime who are partipating in the Spain concerts are Mark Plati, Everett Bradley and Henry Hey, a Bowie studio musician and the musical director of Lazarus, the Bowie-scored theater production inspired by The Man Who Fell to Earth.

“I’m very happy to be bringing a band of great musicians and people I consider my friends over to participate with national singers in Spain,” Hey says in a video promo for the shows.

The Bowie tribute concerts are organized by fan-funded “Shows on demand” site Juntémonos, which, with the backing of J&B liquor brand as partnering sponsor, lets members of the public request concerts by specific artists in their city.

All proceeds from the Bowie concerts will go to charity organizations, according to Juntémonos.

For a preview of what audiences will hear at the concerts, check out this video produced by Spain’s Mondo Sonoro of Maika Makowski singing “China Girl.”.

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