Reggie Cameron: You “Came out” regarding your sexuality involuntarily many years ago.

When we look at people like yourself Barney Frank, Lance Bass, Neil Patrick Harris, among others who were dragged out of the closet by tabloids we see a number of incredible activists.

The news now is that some celebrity or athlete has come out on their own accord, not against their will.

I truly think everyone should only come out on their own accord and when they are ready.

Actor’s DO need to maintain the ability to become as blank a slate as possible if they want to succeed in the business but with the way the media and public put celebrity’s lives under a microscope: especially when they come out, wouldn’t you agree it becomes very hard to be a blank slate? However, if you’re one of those celebrities that everyone knows is gay, has been rumored to be in numerous gay situations and is barely trying to hide it… then I believe you’re doing everyone a disservice.

You’re feeding the stigma by being too afraid to actually come out and say it.

Out of now Oprah’s people called in April last year and asked if I wanted to do a regular old W Are They Now and I thought instantly – I’m ready.

Danny Pintauro