EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. – By the time the tight game had unraveled into a blowout and a chilly day had given way to darkness, there were only Dallas Cowboys fans left in a windswept stadium to celebrate.

While the Giants collapsed in the fourth quarter to fall 30-10 under interim coach Steve Spagnuolo, the Cowboys can at least say they are clinging to life in the playoff hunt, a deeply flawed team that is nonetheless still rattling around.

The game was knotted at 10-10 for 14 minutes of game time before the Cowboys finally broke loose, but Dallas also had three short passes go for at least 50 yards apiece.

After losing the first three games since Elliott began serving his suspension, the Cowboys have won two in a row, and have only one more to play – next week against the Raiders – before Elliott is due to return on Christmas Eve against the Seahawks.

In a jammed NFC playoff race, it might be too late by then for the Cowboys, but Sunday’s victory over the Giants was another step in restoring the confidence of an offense that was occasionally humiliated in the first few games without Elliott.

Cole Beasley said he knows which teams have to lose for the Cowboys to have a chance, and he checks the box scores accordingly.

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