Cruzin’ to Become a Master Debater

Cruz demonstrated the last time around that he, beyond any other candidate, is a master debater, whose rapier tongue will lay waste to any candidate who challenges him.

With six televised debates scheduled over the next couple of months, Cruz’s overwhelming oratorical prowess may soon make him the front-runner to win the Republican primary.

Here’s how Cruz, a 1992 U.S. National Speaker of the Year while on the championship Princeton University Debate Team, eviscerated his opponents at the last Fox Business debate, and will likely continue to do so.

At the Fox Business debate, Cruz focused on the issue overhanging his candidacy, his Canadian birth and challenges by Trump to his U.S. citizenship.

When the inevitable question was raised, Cruz revealed the motivation behind his accuser’s attack, noting that Trump himself in September had said that Cruz’s birth was a “Non-issue.”

The real question, of course, is regardless of Ted Cruz’s superior debating skills, could someone so universally disliked ever be elected President?

With a few early primary wins, coupled with his superior debating skills, a Cruz nomination is not beyond the realm of possibility.

Cruz is a master debater