Before Naughty Dog created the wise-cracking adventurer Nathan Drake and threw him into numerous set pieces in the acclaimed Uncharted series, the developer produced another PlayStation star called Crash Bandicoot.

Two years later, and with the developer having created its own programming language and compression software in a bid to get the game running fluidly on the PSOne, the game was ready.

You can’t help but play this game with a smile on your face.

We actually got a glimpse of the old Crash in the final installment of Drake’s Uncharted adventures but while that allowed us to reacquaint ourselves with the basics, the pangs of nostalgia for those who remember this the first time round come flooding back as you remember how cool, exciting and progressive gaming in the 1990s proved to be.

The three Crash Bandicoot games – hence the trilogy – really do dazzle.

Sometimes you think of retro games with rose-tinted glasses and are shocked the reality doesn’t match the memory.

This turns such a thing on its head. One thing you’d remember if you played the original is that it is a damn difficult game.

No wonder Naughty Dog had made the other two games easier and that the latest developer Vicarious Visions has decided to put a few helping hands into the new versions.

It helps you fall in love with the game given you’re not gnashing your teeth to as great a degree as you once would have.

Crash Bandicoot