Make no mistake, players get concussions on a regular basis during practice and games.

The NFL’s concussion protocol is a four-page document compiled by the league’s head, neck and spine committee, with contributions from the NFL Players Association, the NFL Physicians Society and the Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society.

“Tfore, t is no set timeframe for return to participation or for the progression through the steps of the graduated exercise program set forth below. Recovery time will vary from player to player.”

After years of debates, lawsuits and even the deaths of former players, this already contentious issue is back on the field of play with “Concussion,” the controversial movie released on Christmas Day.

It’s on them to first decide to play the game, and then to continue playing after the first tackle, the first injury or the first concussion.

I still didn’t entirely agree with the collective lawsuit, accusing the NFL of knowing the harmful effects of the repeated head concussions Duerson absorbed as a player.

At the NFL level, players know full well the obvious dangers of the dangerous sport, including multiple concussions.

Players who’ve had a concussion in their career have an increased risk for another concussion, and another, and another.