Conan O’Brien hosted the Chicago finalists of “America’s Greatest Makers” Monday night, proving in the process that he doesn’t quite pack the same punch as a charging football player.

The Chicago team, which is heading to the finals of the TBS reality show, brought its concussion detection device onto “Conan” on the same network.

They strapped their quarter-sized device to the dummy’s head, delivered the blow and showed the audience how it sends data to a coach’s phone, watch or iPad. Then, it was O’Brien’s turn.

“Don’t let them play football, but let Conan take a swing at them any day. Because apparently, that registers the same amount as a soft, cool spring breeze.”

Team NWTN is the only group from “America’s Greatest Makers” that’s been invited to “Conan” at this point, a spokesman for the talk show said.

The makers’ competition premiered in April with 24 teams battling to make the best wearable or connected device.

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