In his three years as general manager of the Cleveland Cavaliers, Griffin has probably earned a PhD in basketball psychology as he’s studied his team.

When the team was down 3-1, Griffin sent an email to the coaches, players and those close to the team.

Once the Pacers were dismissed, the Cavs went 8-1 against Toronto and Boston in the next two rounds.

It’s eyes wide open now for the Cavs players with Golden State in sight.

The Warriors were 67-15 despite Kevin Durant missing 20 regular season games.

The Las Vegas betting line has the Warriors at -260, the Cavs at +220.

Griffin is pretty close, very few people are giving the Cavs even a slight chance to win this series when it opens Thursday in Oakland.

As Griffin has mentioned to me in casual conversation, the Cavs weren’t even supposed to make the 2015 Finals.

LeBron James took a team of role players and pushed the Warriors to a six-game series.

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