The Clemson football team was ranked the #1 overall seed in the College Football rankings released by the College Football Playoff committee on Tuesday night on ESPN.

The College Football Playoff Committee chose Clemson, LSU, Ohio State and Alabama as the four teams projected in the playoff.

Clemson coach Dabo Swinney was on the College Football Playoff show on ESPN on Tuesday night and had the following viewpoint of his team being on top of the college football world.

“I certainly think we should be in the conversation regardless of what the ranking is. I don’t think anybody should be having a party over what the poll is, and I don’t think anybody should be disappointed. If you look back at last year, Ohio State was I think 15th or 16th in the first poll and won the national championship.”

“Georgia Tech was not ranked and finished number nine. So t is a lot of ball to be played. I know you guys have to sell advertising and all that type of stuff. You got to have something on TV. The only reason I agreed to come is Rece you are just a good guy from Alabama, and that is it.”

Swinney said during his Tuesday press conference that this team’s focus is on Florida State and not any national rankings.

Clemson sophomore quarterback Deshaun Watson has some school work to work on and is not going to stress about the rankings.

“He rankings will take care of themselves. If we keep playing Clemson football, we’ll be alright.”

Watson knows if they lose their mental focus then the lofty rankings will not matter.

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