“We have a fantastic consultant by the name of John McGaffin, who used to be one of the deputy directors of the clandestine division of the Central Intelligence Agency,” showrunner and co-creator Alex Gansa told IndieWire.

“There’s some direction, like, ‘We’d like to shoot the season in Europe. Where would be a good place to do that?’ But it’s still pretty broad. It’s a general expedition to find the insight, read the temperature.”

As previously announced, the new season takes place during the 72 days between Election Day and the presidential inauguration.

“So who’s really in power?” Gansa said about the themes of Season 6.

“Is it the sitting president? Is it the president elect? What is the business of the intelligence agencies? Is it to educate the new president coming in, who may have different ideas? What are their agendas with this new president, and how do Carrie, Saul, Dar and the whole ensemble fit into that complex transfer of power that occurs every year in this 72-day period?”.

“And we heard a lot about the intelligence briefings that go on for the new president. An old director of the Central Intelligence Agency came in and told us about the transition with President Obama. Obama was coming in with a radically different agenda than George W. [Bush], and what they did to educate him about what was happening in the world, and how it changed his mind a little bit.”

Claire Danes