The original animated version of Mulan, released in 1998, contained the big hit Aguilera “Reflection which made the young singer of that time a star with his powerful tubes. Christina Aguilera attended the world premiere of Disney’s “Moulana” at the Dolby Theater in Hollywood (California). Christina Aguilera spends time with her family at the release of a live Disney remake of “Mulan”. “Although I look back and laugh at the version I made as a teenager, I hear a young girl who doesn’t know herself or the power ofher’ instrument. While I look back and laugh at the version I made as a teenager. I hear the youth of a girl who does not know herself and the power of her “own” instrument. “I like the new version of Reflections,” the singer wrote. Mulan defeated Disney+ on Friday after the premiere was repeatedly postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic. This film is full of incredible female fire energy, because both the movie star and director are strong and inspire women. It evokes such presence and strength. I am very excited about the new version of “Reflections”.

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