His much-anticipated sci-fi flick, Star Trek Beyond, is set to hit theaters this weekend.

Ahead of the film’s box-office debut, Chris Pine continued to promote the fan-obsessed franchise during a trip to Good Morning America on Tuesday.

His version of work: Chris Pine, 35, continued to promote the fan-obsessed Star Trek Beyond franchise during a trip to Good Morning America on Tuesday; his sweater was semi-sheer showing off his chest.

While on his way in, the star was seen with his cell and an iced coffee, the latter which surely helped him stay awake during his early morning visit.

When asked if he plans to release any music himself, Chris denied the possibility, but did admit that he does sing on an upcoming Barbara Streisand record.

He and Chris are pictured in a 2009 film still for Star Trek.The conversation turned serious when Michael brought up the actor’s late co-star Anton Yelchin, 27.Anton, who played human Pavel Chekov in the franchise, was tragically killed when he was pinned between his Jeep and a fence pillar.

‘And our group is a group of friends and family, and it was nice to have them around to process what had happened and to pay tribute to who Anton was and to remember him, and to smile, and to cry and to ride the waves of grief.

Chris Pine