Wide receiver Chris Hogan is expected to sign a three-year, $12 million offer sheet from the Patriots, according to a source.

Hogan had a few plays when he got open on deep routes and was missed badly, including a sure touchdown against Patrick Chung at Gillette Stadium, and the quarterbacks had a handful of other sideline passes that were way off, which either led to an incompletion or minimal yards after the catch.

Speaking of Chung, Hogan’s 42-yarder against him in the same game was the longest catch Chung yielded all season.

Hogan is a really nice route runner, partly because of his awareness.

Hogan does need to improve his ability to make contested catches.

Hogan might not have to make as many contested catches with a quarterback like Tom Brady, of course, but that’s still important.

Hogan throws left-handed, so watch out for some trick plays on end-arounds.

Hogan hasn’t missed a game since entering the rotation in 2013.

Hogan isn’t a sizzling name, but he’s the right fit for the Patriots’ offense.

Chris Hogan