Charlie Puth is still explaining that make out session with Meghan Trainor.

“Meghan is my best friend,” Puth deferred.

At which point DeGeneres pointed out the placement on his hands on Trainor’s butt and he joked, “That’s w you put hands when you’re friends.”

“I always wanted to make a record like Marvin Gaye’s records, w you would put them on this magical record player and everybody would want to, ya know, get down with each other,” he said.

“Not like that, you dirty-minded people!”.

“And we teased it in the video too, w it cuts off,” he continued.

The now three-time Grammy nominee, who will drop his debut album, Nine Track Mind, on Jan. 29, also recalled getting discovered by DeGeneres.

“I actually – I’m very sorry about this – I hung up on you guys,” Puth revealed.

“I mean, I’m a sophomore in college…It’s very unrealistic for The Ellen Show to call you.”

Charlie Puth