His previous releases featured a mix of covers and songs that relied heavily on the vintage influences of his childhood, but he’s grown as an artist in a way that is remarkable.

He left off two songs that had originally been included on Nine Track Mind’s tracklist, as well as one of the songs that he’d released on the Some Type of Love EP. But we have a feeling those lost tracks will surface some way, somehow.

We have these 12 perfect songs to hold us over – and they more than do the trick.

If you haven’t heard this song in the past year, w on earth have you been? It’s been inescapable in the best way, and the throwback vibe is so refreshingly different from almost every other song on the radio.

Charlie told Teen Vogue that he wrote this song because “I thought I was going crazy because I couldn’t think of a song to write, and I wrote a song about not being able to write a song.” It’s kind of meta, but rather than dwell in the irony, Charlie channeled this into a gorgeously understated track.

If t’s one thing Charlie’s great at, it’s a love song that makes you feel downright wonderful.

Newcomer Shy Carter’s rap verse is more playful than what Wiz Khalifa or Lil Wayne – two artists with whom Charlie has collaborated in the past – are known for, which adds a new layer of intrigue to the song.

Charlie’s great at playing around with the tempo of songs, so if you do take a spin on the dance floor to this track, be prepared to dip just as much as you sway.

Charlie Puth