A snap of Celine Dion and Rene Angelil holding hands during their wedding.

Canadian superstar Celine Dion recently commemorated her and Rene Angelil’s 21st wedding anniversary by sharing on Instagram a photo of them holding hands during their wedding day.

She wrote a caption “21 years today.”

Around that time, Angelil was already 39 and he was Dion’s manager.

In her recent visit on “Good Morning America,” Dion gushed about her husband, saying “I’m amazed by him ever more than ever before. I was in love with him the first day, and today I find strength and I learn so much from him.”

Media outlets imagine the celebration was bittersweet as they remember this special day with the thought of Angelil suffering terminal throat cancer.

When the music producer was diagnosed with the illness, Dion took a break from her Las Vegas residency to attend to her husband 24/7. “She takes no time for herself. All she does is look after Rene. T is medical staff in the house, but it’s Celine who leads. They are the experts and take care of all the medical issues, but Celine is on top of everything. She knows exactly what is going on,” Dion’s sister-in-law Denise told The National Enquirer via.

The couple first knew of Angelil’s illness back in 1999 but was declared cancer-free by 2000.

While Dion makes sure that she gives out “The very best” for her husband of 21 years and counting, Angelil finds the strength to urge his wife to “Get outside the house and concentrate on singing.”

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