ESPN reported the Cavs average margin of victory was 4.0 points…that tied the smallest margin of victory in a 4-game sweep in NBA history.

In the final 91 seconds of the game, the Cavs came from behind and outscored Indiana, 6-0.

As Indiana coach Mate McMillian said after the game, when the Cavs need to make big shots, make serious defensive stands and game-winning plays … that’s exactly what they did.

LeBron James has won his 21st consecutive first-round playoff games.

James knows what is necessary to take out a lesser opponent in a close-out game.

Now, the Cavs will rest for at least a week while Milwaukee and Toronto push, shove and throw elbows in their series.

In the last two games, the Cavs have held the Pacers to 40 and 50 points in the second half – when they got serious about defense.

I know the Cavs will have to play better than they did against the Pacers to get through the Eastern Conference.