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dance – Kreisberg

kreisberg, the co-creator and executive producer of “arrow,” “the flash” and “supergirl,” is accused of sexual harassment and inappropriate physical contact with 15 women and four men over a number of years, many of whom worked on shows kreisberg produced, according to variety

dance – “In a small town

“in a small town, we all know each other,” martell said “i had a lot of posts on facebook about me, a lot of attention on social media, which is really funny a lot of my teachers from school and friends said they saw me i made some good friends in new york, and we’re...

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dance – Two weeks ago

two weeks ago, tiffany delivered her first child, a son named jimmy because of that, she is not currently on tour with a production or traveling around the country to do holiday shows with symphony orchestras instead this weekend, she is back w it all began