Colbert’s acerbic wit didn’t go over too well with Casey Affleck, who appeared on The Late Show Monday night to promote his new crime drama, Triple 9.

“Thanks for dressing up,” Colbert quipped in reference to Affleck’s rumpled attire.

“Well, thank you. I’m not saying you don’t look good. I’m not saying that all,” Colbert began before Affleck cut in to call him rude.

“I’m not being rude at all,” Colbert insisted, before teasing that the actor was a dead ringer for “a street-corner Jesus.”

Tensions ebbed a little after the discussion turned to Triple 9 – “It’s a terrific picture and you’re terrific in it,” Colbert noted before Affleck responded with a twinkle in his eye: “Things are suddenly going so well.”

“I don’t understand why,” Colbert said.

Casey Affleck