Cardi B’s’Thotiana’ remix is Blueface’s favourite remix compared to Nicki Minaj’s remix. He filled in the second half of his nickname and kept it at 100 with his answer: Although he is strongly associated with Cash Money Records – the same old parent label as Young Money, w Nicki has been signed since 2009 – he believes that Cardis’ verse “killed” the interpretation of Nicki’s popular song, which has also been remixed by a variety of other artists. Nicki canceled her next BET Experience concert after social media filmed her for Cardis’ success at the awards ceremony, and now people are invited to choose between the women’s two verses “Thotiana,” including the song’s own artist. The flesh of Cardi B and Nicki Minaj may have simmered after their farewell at New York Fashion Week in late summer, but that didn’t stop several sources from trying to ignite the flame. Although the constant pressure for the two rappers in sight to face each other doesn’t seem to diminish anytime soon, it seems that the two rappers at the same pace have given fans and artists another place to compare. “These weren’t the’-anas,'” he confirmed, referring to Nicki’s inclination to add ‘-ana’ to most of the measures of his verse. When Blueface went to San Francisco for a promotional interview about KMEL, presenter Big Von began to stand up and ask him to join him, but Blueface manager Wack 100 came to bring his point of view (and save his protégé from a potentially unpleasant situation). It looks like they’re going to be together for at least a while, even with the recent arrival of female talent on the rap scene.