Cardi B offered some advice to teens struggling with depression. “Some of us suffer from Cardi depression ?,” he wrote, suggesting that it might not be as easy to hang up the phone and enjoy life as Cardi suggested. “He was an enlightened teenager! I had a lot of fun at school….These new teens are getting pathetic, they’re also focusing on life! In a few years, you should have memories of yourself and not of a celebrity,” he wrote. Cardi understands it perfectly and has taken on her role as a pop star, picking up on themes and revealing things about herself that most others wouldn’t dare. However, unlike most other great fans, the Legion loves him both for his open honesty and for the musical talents that earned him a Grammy. Cardi deplored what she thought was a poisoned relationship many teenagers have with social media and celebrity culture. Like many celebrities, Cardi B has a very loyal and enthusiastic fan base.