Megan Tea Stallion and Cardi B will launch the new “WAP” partnership this Friday. T have been rumors in the past of tension between Megan’s Tea Stallion and Cardi B. Megan’s Tea Stallion and Cardie B are about to end the summer. Meg Tea Stallion recently revealed that she was shot in both legs the night that Tori Lanez was arrested. Fans claimed to have seen one side shoot at the other, but this was repeatedly made public. While fans were encouraging them to work together on a new song, earlier this year t were reports that they had something planned. It looks like it’s a Cardi-B single from Meg, so maybe the new album from the rapper in the Bronx will come out sooner than we thought. Looks like Meg has another anthem in her head for “Hot Girl Summer 2020”. Although Meg never said she was Tori, a lot of Houston’s star relatives accused “they” of filming Meg. This is also Meg’s first serve since she appeared in the headlines earlier this month. Looks like these reports are true. Meg met her “grandmother” with an incredible pink cape. Tell me about the new hip-hop news.