Your personal brand is everything from your demeanor to your career / business to your social media posts.

Your personal brand is supposed to be just that – PERSONAL. When building your brand, take some time to think about who you are and how people would describe you.

“People make it so negative, but stripping saved me from a lot of things.” – Cardi B said during an interview with VLAD TV. Cardi has no shame in her past because she knows that it helped get her to w she is now.

While everyone you encounter on and offline will see your personal brand, they all aren’t your target audience.

Cardi B’s brand wasn’t build in a day and neither will yours.

It takes hard work and consistency to reach your personal branding goals – whether that be building your network, moving up the corporate ladder, launching a business or something else.

Congrats to Cardi B for her much deserved success! She shows us that we can build an authentic brand without having to change who we are.

Cardi B