Cara Delevingne is sick, so obviously she’s amusing herself by pretending to be a cat on SnapChat.

The model wrote: “Sick and suffering from major boredom snapchat name is caradevilqueen”.

Pretended to be a cat, obviously, because she’s a celeb and celebs presumably don’t have spend their days off work sick trundling to the corner shop to stock up on Lemsip in the freezing, bitter cold.

Cara’s been in Paris for Men’s Fashion Week w she met up with model pals Gigi Hadid and Kendall Jenner.

It’s not often you hear about supermodels loving a bit of cake… but Kendall and Cara seem to.

The long-time pals – who affectionately refer to themselves as CaKe – are reportedly set to launch their own clothing brand under the same name.

“According to reports from The Sun, a source close to the pair said:”They both see it as a bit of fun but are secretly confident it will do well.

“They’re two of the most photographed women in the world so the brand is going to be picked up by millions. The aim is for CaKe to have stores in the UK and US.”.

Cara Delevingne