Cast member Cara Delevingne poses for photos at a picture call promoting her film “Paper Towns” at Claridges in London, Britain June 18, 2015.

That’s what one of the hosts of a morning TV show said right after they suddenly ended their live interview with Cara Delevingne because they didn’t enjoy her perspective.

Less than two minutes to the chat, one of the hosts then had a go at the star for not being excited enough.

“I saw you in London talking a couple of weeks ago on TV and you appeared a lot more excited about it than you do right now,” said one of the male hosts.

“Maybe I had a little more energy,” said Delevingne, “It’s the morning”.

Appearing slightly taken aback, Delevingne said, “Yeah, I do believe it is just you”.

“We’ll enable you to go then, how about that?” said the female host, “Let you take a little nap, perhaps get a red bull”.

“You make $5 million for six weeks worth of work, it is possible to pretend to speak to Good Day Sacramento with some oomph,” said one of the male hosts.

Possibly as time goes on when the hosts desire better answers, they should ask better questions.

Cara Delevingne