According to Johns Hopkins University Canada has 137,676 VIDOC-19 cases and a total of 9214 deaths by Saturday. On Friday, Canada announced that for the first time since March t have been no new coronavirus deaths. For the first time since March, Canada has reported no new coronavirus deaths. Tam continued to stress that the pandemic has affected the mental health of Canadians: “Today is World Suicide Prevention Day, and the need to be together and apart has never been so strong. In the United States, 6.4 million cases and 193,000 deaths were reported on Saturdays. COVID-19 has dramatically changed our daily lives, and Canadians report a growing need for mental health. “Every day when we look at previous figures, I remember how Canadians mobilized to stop the spread of CFR-19,” said the 6 million people in Canada who were tested on CFR-19 on Friday. 2. 1 percent of the tests were positive, resulting in 702 new cases, but most were not new deaths. Now more than ever, we must support each other by extending a helping hand to our friends, family, neighbors, and community members. Teresa Tam, Head of Health Canada Tell me about the new hot hip-hop.

Canada Reports Zero Deaths