Thursday’s episode revealed that Andrew DeLuca effectively dropped the charges against Alex by tanking what was sure to be a slam-dunk conviction following the duo’s brutal fight.

The move freed Alex from what likely would have been the rest of his life behind bars and will instead send him back to Grey Sloan Memorial, though it’s unclear if that will mean a romantic reunion with Jo. While Jo remains married to her yet-to-be-introduced abusive husband, Alex seems to have turned over a new leaf, having thanked DeLuca for his forgiveness.

While DeLuca’s motives are not completely clear – he reminded Alex that he’s a good guy – the character has been spending a lot of time with Jo and, in typical Shondaland fashion, a love triangle wouldn’t be a stretch.

“If anything, Alex is going to start questioning why DeLuca would let him off the hook,” Chambers tells The Hollywood Reporter.

“Will Alex be able to work with DeLuca as a doctor and teach him? It sounds like Alex is learning from DeLuca about redemption,” notes Chambers.

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Camilla Luddington