Calvin has released his new single “How Deep Is Your Love,” featuring the musical trio, Disciples on Friday, July 17.

A report in Mixmag calls the newest song a “a chunky house roller one that steers from the stadium-sized EDM Harris has been making over the past few years.” It is definitely hot and easy on the ears.

Harris’ new track features breathy vocals and a 90s club sound.

Harris took to Twitter to share the excitement about his new single.

The 31-year old has been teasing fans by sharing brief clips of his new tune on both Instagram and Twitter.

Sources close to Harris assert that the leaks were only brief previews of the song that were looped together.

T’s no word on if Taylor Swift loves her boyfriend’s new tune.

Do you think Calvin Harris’ new song will end up an instant hit? Discuss your ideas below in the remarks section.

Calvin Harris