This is *definitely* Kylie Jenner’s preferred pose.

Have you ever noticed something a little odd about Kylie Jenner’s Instagram photos?

Or more to the point, have you ever noticed something a little odd about the poses she pulls in those Instagram photos?!

Our eagle-eyed friends over at PEOPLE were the first to spot Kylie’s unique quirk, and now we can’t stop looking out for it in every shot she uploads.

Yep, t was definitely a little view of stomach on display t.

See: 9 Smug Instagram Posts We’re All Guilty Of. PEOPLE have dubbed this pose the ‘Kylie Jenner Shirt Hold’, which we personally think she should copyright because she does it in almost EVERY.

Perhaps she’s trying to set herself apart from other Instagrammers? Or she’s just feeling hot and wants to let a breeze in?

Or maybe she’s blimmin’ proud of her smokin’ hot bod and wants to show it off?

Whatever the case, we can’t see her stopping anytime soon.

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