Caitlyn Jenner could face a manslaughter charge in a lethal February car crash in California after investigators discovered she was driving too fast, officials and law enforcement sources said on Thursday.

Traffic investigators have completed their investigation to the fatal crash and will present the outcomes to the Los Angeles County District Attorney, according to a statement in the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department.

Jenner was driving a Cadillac SUV and rear ended a Lexus that had just rear ended another vehicle in a chain-reaction crash, according to NBC Los Angeles.

The investigation unearthed that Jenner’s speed was variable in the crash considering the present traffic conditions, officials told NBC News.

The district attorney’s office will ultimately decide whether any charges will probably be filed against Jenner or if the investigation requires additional review.

Despite earlier reports that sheriff’s investigators were advocating a manslaughter charge for Jenner, t was no reference to this type of recommendation in the department’s official remarks Thursday afternoon.

Alan Jackson, a defense attorney and former prosecutor with the Major Crimes Department of the L.A. County District Attorney’s Office, told NBC’s Today Show that prosecutors would evaluate three primary variables in their choice including the driver’s actions, analyzing speed through both a black box in an accident reconstruction and third, the stream of traffic and what other people were doing on the road at the same time.

“Simply as you are presented with a police report and an investigation doesn’t necessarily mean that those are going rise to fileable charges,” Jackson said.

Jenner’s solicitor Blair Berk declined comment to NBC Los Angeles.

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