Caitlyn Jenner was named Glamour magazine’s Transgender Champion of 2015 – but her daughter Kylie Jenner was now to be seen when she walked the red carpet.

Kylie eventually turned up the event – in jeans and trainers.

Later on in her hotel room, Cait says to Kylie: “Honestly, I wanted you right by my side.”

“Kylie replied:”My dress was completely see-through, and then my option B ripped all the way down my a**.

“I wouldn’t want to be on a red carpet with my vagina out. My vagina was out. Not my boob, not my butt crack, my vagina!”.

She later said to camera: “Kinda disappointed in Kylie of course I wanted her to go with me for the red carpet, but I need to feel comfortable just doing them on my own.”

Caitlyn Jenner