From the space jazz synthesizer “Know” to the barrel saxophone “Know” – Premium Platinum owes a lot to Dilla. It may seem a strange statement for a team of psychedelic soldiers based on Eastern philosophy, dark science fiction and ancient sports suits. Gold on the Mixer boys returned with more mysterious sticks, daring references and brutal British observations. But for anyone who wants to push the boundaries of traditional hip-hop, Platinum Premium is the best you can get. Premium Platinum is now available in gold in the mixer. If you are still unsure about the unique approach of the Mixer, it is unlikely that the Mixer will change its mind. It notes the experimental sounds of boxing that were made by the popular team of stone throwers in the early 1990s. Premium Platinum does not claim to be in the top 40, and although the bars are almost impermeable, there is no doubt about the origin of the production. For every pop song in premium products, there is a competitive anomaly in the human bedroom kitchen. For each classic tree rhythm there is a grotesque instrumental work. Even an outrageous appearance comes in the blink of an eye. But hip-hop is an open field. Look at the title track.

Buff Bentley X Platinum