The Hollywood Hills home w Brittany Murphy and her husband died under mysterious circumstances within months of each other is up for sale – for $18.4 million.

The home was previously owned by Britney Spears who sold it to the “Clueless” actress in 2003 for $3.85 million, the New York Daily News said, citing a TMZ report.

Murphy, 32, died in December 2009 after collapsing in her bathroom and going into cardiac arrest.

Officials said the same factors that killed Murphy were involved in his death.

Murphy’s mother, Shannon Murphy, who lived with her daughter and Monjack at the house, has tried selling it multiple times since.

She has knocked $1 million off the previously listed price for the property.

For a while, Shannon Murphy blamed toxic mold in the house for contributing to the pair’s deaths, but officials have refuted that theory.

One would hope that if Shannon Murphy believed toxic mold was a factor in the deaths that she would have had it removed as part of the renovation.

Anyone with a spare $18 million can take ownership of the 9,400-square-foot, three-story-high home.

Brittany Murphy