Marvel brought a lot of material to show off to fans last month at San Diego Comic-Con, but one of their most pleasant surprises was announcing that Brie Larson will play Captain Marvel in the MCU. For over a year and a half, t have a lot of actresses named as contenders for the role, ranging from Katheryn Winnick to Emily Blunt.

Finally, the months of speculation and rumors came to an end when Larson popped up at the very end of the Marvel Hall H panel to let the public know she will be the first live action Carol Danvers.

While it’s great to finally know who’s playing Captain Marvel, one question that’s been on our minds in the weeks since is why did the reveal come so soon? Most of Marvel hero castings have been announced approximately 18 months to two years between the movie’s release, but Captain Marvel doesn’t hit theaters until spring 2019, leaving a nearly three-year gap.

One might assume at first it was just to stay ahead of the press, but since reports of Marvel looking at Larson came out several months ago, it’s not like her casting was going to be a total shock.

So what was the reason for the announcement coming so early? We have a few guesses…. Perhaps the reason Brie Larson was revealed so early is because Captain Marvel isn’t the first time Carol Danvers will be seen in the MCU. Given how massive in scope Avengers: Infinity War is set to be, many fans speculated that she would be one of the many heroes who would participate in the battle against Thanos.

Captain Marvel writer Nicole Perlman also recently said that the movie will make changes to her origin story so that it’s not so similar to Green Lantern’s.

So it may be a while before Brie Larson pretends to fly and shoot energy blasts, but for the sake of keeping fans satisfied, Marvel decided to announce her casting months before Infinity War’s principal photography.

What’s our other guess for why Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel casting was announced so soon? Head over to the next page to find out!

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