Hildebrand – who also starred in a Sundance indie, First Girl I Loved, and is a singer-songwriter on the side – plays Negasonic Teenage Warhead, an X-Men apprentice with a killer, so-over-it glare who comes to Deadpool’s aid.

Negasonic dies quickly in the comic books, but she is, full of life as a surly teen who wears black and matches Deadpool’s snarky commentary.

What’s your favorite Negasonic put down? “At the end, when Deadpool goes to the X Mansion and [calls me] ‘Ripley from Alien 3,’ she says, ‘Fuck, you’re old.’ That’s my favorite part of the whole thing. I was stoked they let me say a cuss word.” Deadpool compares you to Sinéad O’Connor several times in reference to your hairstyle.

Are you a fan? “Absolutely. Woman power. Anyone who shaves their head, I am totally a fan of. I probably shaved my head like two years ago, just because I felt like shaving my head. I think it’s really cool that women are just like, My hair doesn’t define me. Anybody with short hair I will worship, probably.” Did you get a lot of Sinéad comparisons when you shaved your head? “Yeah. That’s probably the first thing I got – Sinéad O’Connor. Then, it was Demi Moore.” You’re pretty young.

Did you get those references initially?”Yeah, I definitely knew who Sinéad O’Connor was because I was obsessed with her for a second – probably when I was 11 to 13. I really love music, I’m a musician, so I loved Sinéad O’Connor anyway, and the fact that she had a shaved head was so cool.”

As a cast, did you bond a lot? “Our movie’s so rated R, and Tim is vulgar as himself. So on set, it was rated R, too. We definitely hung out a few times outside of set, probably more than me, because I’m a lot younger than them and I can’t get in anyw. So it would be like, ‘Okay, guys, have a good night.’ I was chilling. I brought my cat to Vancouver.” Teen boys are going to love Deadpool.

Brianna Hildebrand