Atlas is, in a variety of ways, a creature just like you: It walks upright on two legs, it may lift things and use tools, also it enjoys the occasional stroll.

The humanoid robot is just one of Google-owned robotics business Boston Dynamics’ creations, and while it can not do everything a human can do yet, it is getting close.

Atlas took a giant step for robot-type lately by going on a walk in the woods – a job only the business’s four-legged robots are seen doing previously.

“Our focus is on balance and dynamics and working just a little bit the way people and animals do w you move fast to be able to keep yourself stabilized if you are upset,” Boston Dynamics founder Marc Raibert said in the Fab Lab Conference and Symposium earlier this month, w a video of Atlas stumbling through the woods was presented.

Several variants of Atlas were also a contestant in a robotics challenge hosted by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, in which robots were programmed to complete tasks in mock disaster scenarios.

A Florida team operating an Atlas robot won second place.

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s team, which likewise worked with Atlas, set sixth.

A problem most of the contest’s robots faced was following a job through to its finish, without shutting down midway.

Some of Boston Dynamics’ other creations that have been filmed finishing trial walks through nature are the BigDog and the LS3. The business’s site also states that its Cheetah is the “Fastest legged robot in the [world.]”..

Boston Dynamics Atlas robot