Kanye’s latest feud? Saying ‘peace out’ to producer Bob Ezrin on Twitter.

For Kanye West, who’s received a fair share of criticism over the years, a scathing essay from veteran music producer Bob Ezrin was his breaking point.

“Has anybody ever heard of Bob Ezrin???” he tweeted Tuesday night.

Ezrin, who’s worked with big-name rock acts like Pink Floyd, Kiss and Lou Reed, criticized Kanye’s songwriting and production skills as “Sophomoric at best” in a piece for music critic Bob Lefsetz’ Lefsetz Letter email newsletter.

Kanye hit back at Ezrin in a series of tweets, bashing the music industry “Old guard.”

The same night his latest rant unfolded on Twitter, Kanye held court at a L.A. club to preview a new song that addresses his penchant for Internet controversy and his alleged personal debt.

Fans captured footage of the new song, where he compares himself to Einstein.

Bob Ezrin